Pink House Official Website

You are on your way to accomodations that will make your stay in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala a fabulous one - the Pink House! Tell the driver who takes you from Gagal Airport or the bus station in Dharamsala that you are going to the Yongling School stairs along Jogiwara Road. Going down the stairs, walking down one minute, looking for the Pink House.
You greet young Tibetan mothers in beautiful colorful traditional garb and their pink-cheeked children who are going up, "Tashi Delek!". You walk down another minute or two and then to your right side looms the four- story Pink House, which obviously is pink, but bright lovely pink like a yummy strawberry cheese cake set deliciously among the restful, grand and breath taking Dhauladars, snow-capped during most of the year. Balconies in each room are the icing on that cake.
Perfect for yoga enthusiasts, the Universal Yoga Center run by Vijay is a few steps away. , Practice kindness, the Volunteer Tibet Office is 5 minutes from the Pink House. Here is a chill-out relaxation lounge Kashmiri style. Very simple, very relaxed. We are having 15 double rooms, each with a bathroom, all have hot shower, mini TV and don't forget the lovely balconies. We have been running the Pink House since 2006 and occupancy rivals that of the more established hotels and guest houses. How do we do it? Word of mouth. That says a million. You are in McleodGanj, if you open up, everyone will be a friend. At the Pink House, we will be your friends.